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Transitional design reflects a style that embraces the meshing of modern and traditional elements — it essentially, combines two styles in one space, resulting in a cohesive space.
There is a drastic increase in the number of clients who want to toss the rules out the window and merge traditional elements and modern, clean-lined furnishings.

It is no easy feat to pull off — but I seem to find an ease and comfort with this style and guide clients through the process of what to keep and what to donate.

Urban design is anything above a third floor.  It has included loft style living and penthouse suites on the 64th floor.  The design becomes a collaborative and multi-disciplinary process of shaping the physical setting for life in cities with the art of making spaces settle in to an urban context. Urban design involves the establishment of frameworks of walls and windows that may have a view of a brickwall that is 3 feet away or a neighbours window peering into the master suite.  I find design solutions to create home between these walls and successfully facilitate the processes to make this happen with logistics that exist in a multi-residential developments.



Cabin Couture by WLS DESIGN

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Raw, Rustic & Refined Design brings the elements of handcrafted, one-of-a-kind features that are born out of my passion for the inherent beauty of the natural world

including Haliburton County.

Each one of my projects is unique, an artistic inspiration derived from a collaboration

between my own creative vision and the story of the clients who live there.

I work with many natural elements to refine their previous existence into something new.

I also use recycled metals and materials whenever I can to ensure that I leave

the smallest environmental footprint possible.



You don’t have to live far from the city or drive 5 hours north to understand the appeal of cottage style design. With its clean look and unique personal touches, it’s not hard to see why this aesthetic has been around for ages.  The cottage style or farm house style has made it's way into our suburban homes. It's achievable on a budget and is never limited to one look.
It can be a version of a farmhouse memory or an upscale modern minimalist style with close water views, with a calming retreat to host family and friends.