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For Wendy and Lindsey Snelgrove, design is a family affair.  The mother-daughter team have developed a reputation for their beautifully balanced approach in crafting spaces that

effortlessly blend the modern and the traditional,

the refined and the relaxed.

Renovations, Interior Design, Home Staging.



What We Do


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A full-service plan covers every area of your new build or remodel – layout consulting, material selection, millwork design, spec sheets and elevations for your builder.

Site visits, frequent communication and collaboration will ensure the vision stays on track.  Furniture and décor design will be provided as we work together to conceptualize taste and function.

Professional installations will be carried out with trusted movers and installers.


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A full-service decorating plan is for clients who want turn-key options for complete decoration or re-decoration of entire spaces.  After establishing the budget, style and function, we will present a detail design plan from large furniture to wall art to cushions.


charged hourly

For the project that involves designated areas, the service begins with a home visit to discuss details, take photos and measurements. 

A plan is provided for each space. 






Some of our recent spaces


About Us

AT CABIN COUTURE by WLS DESIGN, we believe that the home you live in needs to be the most settled place on earth; without distraction so that each space tells a story of your life and your chosen place to live.

Our vision exists at the intersection of creativity, design and Canadian Culture where aesthetics and function co-exist. With experienced vision, we build your home’s narrative to begin the moment you walk in the door, and end with the profound connection to

the place that you call home.


Guided by years of experience in residential design, working together became inevitable. Wendy and Lindsey began working together on projects combining strengths as well as a mutual trust of taste and hand’s on unique perspective and vision that continues to stand out in the industry. They immediately see spaces with possibilities, not as they are,

but rather, how they could be.




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Wendy - wendy@cabincouture.com · 705-854-1231

Lindsey - lindsey@cabincouture.com · 647-546-7075

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