After determining the scope of work, Rob and Wendy put the 
time and material estimates together to create straight-forward timelines and open costs. The presentation sets the plan in motion.  With open verbal and visual communication on matters of budgets, design fees and product cost projections, they help clients steer clear of costly decorating missteps.


Are you a collector of design mags,  an avid HGTV viewer, or a Pinterest Pro? 

 Design resources are presently unlimited and these tools can be used to unify and refine your ideas. During the Homework portion of our work together, Robert & Wendy will unearth the reality of your design dreams.   

They will measure, discuss architectural and construction aspects of the project and make it all fit.


Robert & Wendy have a full service design team that works!  They are masters at the process from start to finish.  Robert's project management skills are backed with over 30+ years of experience. Together they are detail oriented, relentless thinkers and determined teammates.  Their interests and passions are diverse, and while the very heart of this company is to bring full-service residential interior design, no job is too small. 

They are champions of change and are ready to help you

SETTLE your home or cottage, ENJOY an undistracted life,

SPEND time with family and friends...

...because they believe it's what life is really about!


This is active design phase.  It is a creatively charged process of developing

interior concepts, working through spacial plans and architectural detailing along with plans for  furniture, lighting and colour. Wendy knows the magic is in the details and her story boards are the foundation of the visual communication necessary to bring the concepts to full understanding. Then, Robert handles every pesky detail 

while Wendy works to source and communicate

with manufacturers to customize every piece.