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Robert & Wendy have a force of full service design/collaboration and a creation that works because they love what they do!  They are masters at the process --from start to finish, day one to install; contract signing to the big reveal. Robert's project management skills are unsurpassed and backed with over 30+ years of experience. Together they are detail oriented, relentless thinkers and determined teammates, punching the clock at WLS Design by day and staying up at night dreaming of your project.  Their interests and passions are diverse, and while the very heart of this company – and the core business – is full-service residential interior design, no job is too small. Their specialty is top to bottom design that they refer to as Casual Luxe or Cabin Couture.  They are champions of change, no matter the scope and obsess over bringing a little (or a lot!) to your project everyday.

It isn't a secret! And our past clients will testify!!!  

We aim to bring dreams and inspirations to life, while helping clients steer clear of costly decorating missteps and unwanted drama along the way. 

Open communication on the matter of budgets, including design fees and product costs are all on the table.  

Once they know your scope of work, Rob and Wendy put the Mathematics together with the Language that equates to


 We believe in straight-forward timelines without hidden costs.  

Yes - you get doors with your house!


Do you like what you hear?  Do you like what you see?  Have you read our client's reviews?  

If it works for you - let's chat.  

Use theCONTACT form and begin the process.

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Well here's theQTOYOURA!


We are inspired to help you settle your home, cottage or tent (side note - check out The Highland Belle when you leave)

so you can live your life - undistracted - 

Spending time with family and friends, because we believe that is what is life is all about!


Are you a collector of design mags, a scrapbooker or a viewer of HGTV, a Pinterest pro?  (no worries if not!) They are masters at unifying and refining your ideas. During the Homework portion of our program, Robert & Wendy will unearth your needs, wants and desires for your home.  They will listen until they know how your vision collides with your real life.  They reach into your colour wheel and soak up your design dreams until they dream the same thing for your space.

They will measure, discuss architectural and construction aspects of the project and make it all fit in your dream.

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We live for the whole transformation process, but we especially love the moment when the client’s space comes to life on install day.

The transformation is a reality - fully installed and unveiled.

We then walk through the doors with the clients and the why is answered!


The active design phase is a creatively

charged process.

Rob & Wendy develop interior concepts,

space plans and architectural details as well as, furniture, lighting and colour plans. Wendy knows the magic is in the details and her mood boards back this up and bring concepts to life. Robert handles every pesky detail while Wendy works in the background with sourcing to manufacturing to warehousing.  

 They immerse themselves in the progress as the plan takes shape and

comes into focus.