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Whether ROBERT SNELGROVE  is nailing a shingle in place, refining a hand made piece of furniture, laying porcelain tiles, or cutting pieces of Canadian granite -   you can trust that it is perfection!  

His attention to detail is backed by his experience in a 35 career in the field of construction, home building, and installation from "soup to nuts" as he would say.  He learned from the best skilled tradesmen in his young years as an

apprentice in Toronto and nothing he does is

by the "seat of his pants".  

The best thing to do is talk to his past and present clients - there's not a one that regrets the home they know and love because Rob has left his marks of perfection in every nook and cranny, from the top of the chimney to lowest footing!  He truly is the only one for your job! "Time and Materials" -

He's on time, never misdirects a budget,

and his trades are trusted and true!!

There's only one thing more important to him than his work, and that's his family.  His four beautiful children possess his smile, his character and his work ethic!  He'll tell you himself why he works so hard - it's all for them!!  


ask ROB directly -

Seriously - there's no task that this guy can't do. If we can dream it, he can build it.  Oh --he complains a little and usually tries to scale it down, but in the end - he's all in and the result is art!

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‚ÄčAnd as his clients can tell you, for years after he builds their cottage, the best ones get a twelve foot  Fraser fir delivered to their door at Christmas time!!

Did I also tell you that he's the love of my life.  So in reality, you get a two for one deal!!  

We really do sleep with your project!!   

And as his clients know, he works well on hugs and coffee!  He is the heart and soul of everything that goes into your space!  

He cares.  Everything matters.  

Oh --and it's time and materials!

He likes to get paid every Friday when he sends you his hours via email.  He is a creature of habit!  But then you get to enjoy the fruits of his labour and your collaboration with us - for the rest of days!!