It's the Canadian Dream.  We design and build cottages from modern to rustic, large or small according to your needs, while paying careful attention to natural surroundings and changing seasons. 

"Using elements in nature with disciplines of biomimicry to bring a settled warmth to your space."

Wendy Snelgrove, Principal Designer

Bring a settled vibrant look to your business,

Furnish a multi-residential suite,  Or...

Stage & Photograph a Real Estate Property for Sale.  We bring a unique skill set with experience to accomplish a plan that will secure these goals.


From foundation to rooftops, we design and create interiors with careful planning and experienced trades.  Exteriors are carefully chosen according to surroundings offering that unique plan that says, "I'm home".


 Come on in!  

You don't have to take your shoes off here!!  

Look around, gather what you need, and leave the door open
-- to possibilities, options and ideas 
for a settled space that you'll want to come home to.